Our Story 🌮

Mexica, pronounced meh-shee-kah, was often referred as the Aztecs, a Mesoamerican culture that flourished in central Mexico. The Mexicas were indigenous people rich in history and innovation. Similar to our ancestors, we discovered a way to prepare delicious birria inspired by the traditional way - rich in flavor with an innovative twist know as Mexica Birria Pods. Our birria pods are individually handcrafted with all traditional ingredients to create authentic, delicious birria in less time. Bring tradition to your table for any special ocasion with Mexica Birria Pods!



Mexica Birria Pods are prepared with traditional, Mexican ingredients to create an authentic, birria taste. Fall in love with the aroma of chiles secos and spices as you cook delicious, homemade birria.


Birria, Effortlessly

Create your own delicious birria with our Mexica Birria Pods. From Birria Ramen to Quesabirria Tacos, preparing birria has never been this easy.


Easy Dinner

Let Mexica Birria Pods do the cooking for you! Simply toss our birria pod in a pot of choice with water + beef chuck roast and let it cook. Simple and easy.